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Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye.

Love the two of them. They’ve helped me out so much through this.

Rest in pieces, I can’t believe this
A mother shouldn’t witness her son die at twenty-three
(Please take notice, these word are hopeless
It’s ripping me apart and I can’t take it anymore)
I will hold my tongue for the rest of my life
I can’t keep this up anymore

Sleep well, my friend
There will be another moment we’ll meet again
Just let it go
Sleep well, goodnight
You’re something to remember
I wish that you were here by my side

Love you brother

Rest in paradise Kyle. You were a fucking amazing man that put up a hell of a fight.

The pain will soon be gone but I still want you here…

Fuck cancer…. This is bullshit. Please don’t make this the last time seeing him….


dropping hints to bae that ur ready


Girl at the rock show: what
Mark Hoppus: i don't know



wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried




This Vine gives me life

I’m reblogging this again, because this gives me life and a will to live even in the darkest hours.

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